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The following is a brief analysis of equipment and material, plant and machinery which has been inspected and tested by INSPECTORATE and clearly illustrates the diversification and ability of the organization.


Compressors, blowers, fans and centrifuges, machine tools, engines - diesel and petrol -, extruders and presses, electric motors and generators, miscellaneous machinery and equipment, turbines


Fertilizers - bulk and bagged -, pesticides - solids, liquids and gaseous -, pharmaceuti­cals and various industrial chemicals.

Food Stuff:

Edible oils, fats, frozen and canned foods, sugar, tea, flour, dairy products and other foodstuff

Grains, Cereals, Oil Seeds, Pulses:

Wheat, rye, oats, barley, maize, rice, lentils, sesamseed, groundnut kernels, Soya beans and other edible cereals and products as well as feed articles.

Lumber and Paper:

Timber, pulp, paper and paper products

Ores, Alloys, Pig Iron:

Desoxydation alloys, steel refinement alloys, steel works and foundry equipment, non-fer­rous metals and pure aluminum.

Steel and Steel Products:

Semi finished articles, bar iron, quality steel, high-grade building steel, bright steel stain­less, special structural steel, structural steel, broad flange girders, concrete steel, rolled wire, wire and wire products, reinforcement wire mesh, strip steel, middle sheet metal and plates, hot rolled white strips, thin sheet, white and super thin sheet, pipes and pipe accessories, workshop products, forged mate­rial and castings.

Construction Equipment for Roads:

Underground and overground engineering, macadam processing plants, bulldozers, excavators, allwheel tippers, street manufactu­ring machines, road rollers, concrete mixers asphalt mixing machines, asphalt and concrete spreading machines and road metal treat­ment plants.

Telecommunications, Control Electronics Equipment and System:

Complete telephone equipment and cables. V.H.F. and micro wave telecommunications system. Radio & T.V. equipment and system, control system. Electronics Industries.

Power Stations and Electric Current Distribution:

Power stations - steam, gas, diesel and hy­droelectric -, electric substations, rectifier sub-stations, H.V. transmission lines and H.V. cable lines.

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